I’m that person that’ll roll their eyes when someone says, “I can’t do it or that’ll never happen to me or, I don’t have time”. Like.. you’re already setting yourself up for failure, of course you won’t do it. Not with that mindset. And just to point it out, if you don’t have time to accomplish something you want then you don’t want it that bad.

    I always try to keep a positive mindset and whenever I start feeling discouraged, I snap myself  out of it and keep moving forward. What I do when I want to accomplish something; I start acting like I already did accomplish it or I start preparing for that big change. Even though it hasn’t happened yet.

I know I am a positive person but that doesn’t mean I don’t worry or overthink sometimes. 

I know staying positive is a bit challenging sometimes especially if you’re used to everything always going wrong in your life. Sharing with you a variety of ways you can stay positive and keep striving brings me so much joy. I hope these methods help you overcome the Debbie Downer inside of you and help you become the person you were always meant to be.


1. Always be grateful. Whenever I start to worry about ANYTHING I take a step back and look at my life; I think about my husband, my parents, my home, everything I have and think to myself how blessed I am and no matter what happens, I’ve made it this far and I should be grateful. At the end of the day, there are so many people going through so much more that I should be grateful for even having all my limbs. No lie, I sometimes even say, but did I die?? and that’ll get me laughing and make it easier to shake it of.

2. Meditate. I cannot emphasize this ENOUGH. Some people may be skeptical about meditation. But let me tell you something.. IT WORKS. Apart from having my glass of lemon water every morning, meditating is something I try to do ever day for at least 5-10 minutes. Meditating helps so much with stress, blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, accelerate metabolism. It has many health benefits apart from distressing. When you meditate, you control your mind and your thoughts. Not the other way around. Therefore, next time your spinning into overthinking and about to loose your shit, meditating helps by teaching you how to control your thoughts and learning to not overthink things. When I find myself starting to worry or become consumed with negative thoughts, I have the power to stop all those thoughts and say no and calm down easier than I would if I wasn’t mediating.

3. Hit the gym. Working out gives me so much confidence and gives me a sense of control over my life. When I overcome a work out, I feel like there is nothing I can’t do. It also works reversed; if I am stressed, I’ll go run it of and it seriously helps.

4. What’s your mantra? This year, I have learned so much and opened new doors. One of them was trying this whole mantra thing. THIS. THING. WORKS. Whenever I'm feeling down or negative I repeat my mantra over and over until I’m ready to move on. A mantra can be whatever you want it to be: love yourself, I’m beautiful, I’m strong, There’s nothing I can’t do, Everything will be alright, I’ll get through this. I find that my mantra changed a lot throughout the year, and I just kept adding things until it turned into me practically giving myself a pep talk.

5. Don’t be a Debbie Downer. If there is one thing that you get from this post is, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. As soon as you catch yourself saying something slightly negative like: I can’t, it’s hard, I’ll never be able to, that never happens to me, I have the worst luck. STOP immediately and start saying words of affirmation: yes I can, nothing is impossible, I’ll find a way.

6. Declutter. D E C L U T T E R I N G! I had to say it twice because DECLUTTERING is amazing! When your house is all organized and everything has a place and it’s in it’s place and you only have what you absolutely want… You’re life is transformed, I kid you not. You will have a more lets go kinda attitude instead of a, it’s too hard attitude. Hey but if you don’t believe me, go ahead and take a whole day to donate everything you haven’t worn in 2 months and everything you are not totally IN LOVE with. Then start throwing everything away around the house that doesn’t work or you haven’t used. That drawer next to your bed, yeah, open it and clean it all out!

7. Distract your mind. Whether you like watching a movie, or working out, or reading, whatever it may be, do it. Distract yourself from all those negative thoughts if it becomes to much to handle. Once you take a break and have a clearer mind, it’ll be easier to start fresh and talk yourself through it.

8. Find your sponsor. This person may be your husband, friend, whoever is close to you and have them snap you out of it whenever you’re being really negative. Obviously this person has to be a bit more positive than you, or else you’ll both just spin into a never ending negative swirl.


These are the things I do whenever I’m feeling negative. If there is one thing to take from this post is CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. Remember, the one thing you control in this world is your mind. Don’t let it control you.