In 2019 we will be going to Tulum, Mexico after I finally graduate! Im seriously so excited! I am a major freak when it comes to traveling. I don’t just book a place and look for a hotel. I Pinterest, Instagram, Google EVERYTHING. I need to know where all the places to be are at or else I’m not going… I would have so much regret arriving back at home and seeing a pretty picture of where I just traveled to and not having been there. Therefore, brings you this blog post. I researched and instagrammed as much as I needed to satisfy my travel. Down below are all the beautiful hotels I have found, all the things to do and all the places you want to eat at. All of these places are “Instagrammable”.  What is a vacation without the beautiful pictures, Am I right? All the places are linked! Just click on them and they will take you to their website. I’m sorry this post has no pictures, I want to keep my blog strictly with pictures I take. Once I travel to Tulum, I will take pictures and make another blog post of the places I visited. I will be staying at 4 of these hotels but I’ll keep that as a surprise.


To get to Tulum, Fly to Cancun and take a bus or rent a car to Tulum.

Take cash to be able to pay to enter the cenotes. They range from 5-15 US dollars.

Rent a bike and bike all over pueblo and the street where all the main hotels are at. (I still don’t know what these streets are called).

Beautiful Hotels

Azulik (The Famous Instagram Hotel)

Sanara Tulum

Coco Village

Nomade Tulum






Casa Pueblo Tulum (Located in Pueblo)

Aluna (Located in Pueblo)

La Valise

Papaya Playa

La Zebra

The Beach Tulum

Tata Tulum

Casa Malca

Where to Grab a Drink



Casa Jaguar


La Zebra

To Do

Casa Malca - Pablo Escobars Mansion

Art - IK Lab (Azulik Hotel)

Spa - Yaan & Maya  (Azulik Hotel)

Beauty Sanctuary - Ikal

Visit the Ruins - Take a bathing suit. Beach is open from 8am-5pm

Go to the Pueblo, don’t only stay along the beach.


The Calavera

Sac Actun

Grand Cenote

Dos Ojos


Kin Toh (Azulik Hotel)

Grupo Gitano  


Ojo De Agua


Tseen Ja (Azulik Hotel)

Del Cielo

Matcha Mama



Posada Margherita

The Real Coconut

As I looked around for places to visit, Tulum is a beautiful place and has MANY restaurants, hotels, and activities. But these are the places I found more interesting. Im not saying that these are the ONLY places to visit while in Tulum.

I hope this post helps you if you’re thinking about traveling to Tulum. If you know any hidden gems in Tulum please comment below and let me know.