It’s insane what a beautiful handbag will add to a simple mom jeans and basic white T-shirt look.

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Designer handbags... I definitely don’t own one myself but I am thinking about investing in the Chloe Faye mini. It’s absolute beautiful and adds to my outfits. I have been practically annoying my husband with Pinterest pictures of all the Chloe bags. He say’s I should just get it already but I’m the one that needs to sleep on my purchase for at least a week or two until it drives me crazy and then I end up buying it. If you were to ask me what you should spend your money on if you were gonna splurge one day, I would definitely say a designer handbag over a bunch of clothes. A handbag can be worn with practically anything, depending on what you get. And they make your outfits look 10x better! 

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