You guys recently voted yes about wanting to know my fitness, foods and healthy habits. So I’ve decided to make a post just about my healthy habits since it’s a bit easier and faster to share opposed to the fitness and food aspect of it all. Here are all the healthy habits I've stuck to and reaped benefits from.

Healthy Habits

Drink water. It helps “detox” your system and get rid of all the nasty. It also helps me with my skin and breakouts. I only drink water and the occasional orange juice for breakfast. Eliminate all those extra sugars and calories that juices and sodas give you and just stick to water. Leave sugars and calories for your food.

Vitamins. I have gummy women vitamins I eat every morning with a piece of 85% dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate. 70% and higher dark chocolate have so many benefits: powerful source of antioxidants, improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure, prevents heart disease, raises good cholesterol and so much more.

Sleep. Sleep is so important and gets overlooked or bumped down on peoples to do lists. This is understandable when we have deadlines, babies to take care of, school, work, it all adds up. But sleep is crucial! Not only for your HEALTH but for weight loss. Get 7-8 hours of sleep.

Working out. Staying active is my number one healthy habit. Working out is a mood booster, the ultimate anti-aging cream. It’s incredible what working out does to you psychologically and physically.


Greens. I incorporate at least one vegetable into my plate for lunch and dinner.

Breakfast. Don’t ever skip breakfast no matter what any commercial diet tells you.

Green tea. I drink green tea as much as I can. It’s another powerful antioxidant.

Water with lemon. Drinking a warm glass of lemon water in the morning is one of the best ways you can detox.

Read. Don’t ever stop stimulating your brain and learning new things. Grab a book that interests you wether it be a romance novel, wellness book or about something you’ve always wanted to learn. Read.


I stay away from meat. I do eat chicken and turkey but I tend to stay away from meat. It takes a long time to digest and isn’t ideal for weight loss in my opinion.

Meditation. I meditate 5-10 minutes a day to be able to connect with my body.  Meditating also helps me with my focus and for distressing. It regulates my mood and just puts me in a calmer state. Being aware of your breathing is a life changer. I recommend for everyone to try this at least for 5 minutes before starting your day. Theres also a lot more benefits to it.

Fruits for breakfast. Especially blueberries. Start your day right by eating a healthy breakfast, weather it be a fruit smoothie or a parfait with some almond yogurt. Your body will reap all the benefits.

Stop eating when you are satisfied. That’s it. Don’t ever binge it. You’ll obviously gain weight from it.


Stretch. I stretch every morning when I get out of bed. Wake up all those muscles and avoid pulling something.

Yoga. Im starting yoga this Sunday and I'm going to make it a Sunday ritual. So I thought I should put this on here already.

Don’t sleep with your phone on the bed.

Glass containers. I only use glass containers to store my foods and pack my lunches.