Im gonna start this of by saying, I dislike shopping in stores so much. To many people, I get overwhelmed by all the stuff, employees are sometimes rude, the price you see is the price you pay, and I’m just dying to leave and enjoy my day doing literally anything else other than being at the store. UNLESS, it’s a home store, (those I enjoy). 

I ONLY shop online, I barely go to actual stores and this is why... Online stores have sales, promo codes and some give you a 10-20% off for signing up with your email.  

I google items I want and they appear on a variety of sites with different prices. For example: If you’ve seen my Instagram, you are aware that I own the fila dad sneakers and they retail for 65$ and I purchased them for 40$. The website I purchased them from and the sale they had going on plus promo codes for signing up and shopping through Ebates (I will explain that later) all played a roll in the price. 


I've been shopping through Ebates for 3 years now and let me tell you something. It’s not a scam, you don’t have to pay anything, it does work, it’s incredibly easy and their is no fine print.  

I did not make this post to talk about Ebates. If you keep reading, I’ve made a list of steps I do before checking out. BUT, Ebates does play a huge roll in how I save money. Keep reading to understand how Ebates works.  

Ebates is a website that gives you money for shopping through them. I know what you’re thinking; they don’t have stores I shop at / they only give you back a couple of cents. NO! They have forever21, shein, amazon, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nike, Groupon, Sephora, Neiman marcus, Expedia and SO MUCH MORE. So YES they do have popular stores. And NO! You do get more than a few cents! 

So far I already have ““163$”” that will be sent to my paypal or if you choose, they will send you a check that you can deposit. I’m getting 163$ for buying things I would buy anyways at the store or online.  

GUYS, theirs no secret, no to good to be true. It’s legit. The biggest check I have gotten was for 224$. 224$ for shopping!  

 This is how my ONLINE shopping looks like


My shopping can turn out 2 ways  


  • Look for item through Ebates on the search engine, if they have it there, I use the website that will give me the most cash back. (Sometimes I wait for the cash back to go up if I have seen it higher before. The cash back in Ebates isn’t set. It changes.)

  • Ebates tells you all the promo codes that are available for that website, I use one of those and then I check to see if they have an email sign up reward. 

  • Later I check if any of my credit cards has the store on cash back.  

  • I add all the promo codes I can or the best ones, make sure I’m checking out through Ebates and that’s it!

  •  Then I check out.



  • Look for an item through Ebates

  • If the item isn’t available through Ebates, I google the items name and then click shopping.

  • The item will appear on a variety of websites.

  • I research and go to the website that has some kind of sale or en email sign up reward. (If theirs no sale, I wait about a week - two weeks to see if any sale pops up. Something usually pops up)

  • When the sale pops up I double check if any of my credit cards have the store in their cash back.

    (For ex: My AMX had Ray-Ban on their cash-back and it was receive 30$ when you spend 150$ online. AND the Ray-Bans online store had a 10$ off when you signed up for the email. I saved 40$ on my sunglasses and since I checked out through Ebates which had 4% cash back, I received some money back as well that I would be getting through an Ebates check.)


This is how the Ebates homepage looks like and you can see on the top right (which I circled) the amount of money I have received back for shopping through Ebates. 757.31$!

To SIgnup:


  • Download their Ebates Button on you’re desktop. Trust me and click on the link to read more. It’s AMAZING!

  • Download their app on you’re phone and use it anywhere.

  • They ALSO have in store cash-back! So link you’re most used card to your Ebates account and whenever you shop at a store, get cash back too!

Lets put into practice what I have explained. If you’re interested in these shoes. Follow these steps and save money. The image is linked. (Trust me and follow these steps)

  • If you can, please go to a desktop and open this page, there it will be a lot easier to navigate and finish the steps. (I only shop online in desktop)

  • Sign up to Ebates with my link. Download their Ebates Botton (complete game changer).

  • (Once you’re signed up) Come back here and click on the image of the shoes. I am a 6 and ordered a 4.5. Kids’ size conversion to Women’s size – subtract 1.5 from your regular size.

  • Sign up for their email and get 10$ off. (wait for the email)

  • See if you can also use JAN10 for 10$ off if you’re going to buy more than 1 pair of shoes.

  • Make sure you’re Ebates cash back is activated.

    Checkout !

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to comment below and I will be glad to respond. Let me know if you were able to follow these steps and order you’re pair.