Gut health is as important or maybe even more than meditating, staying active, and/or clean eating. Healthy starts with your gut. With a healthy gut you can, to name a few; eliminate toxins faster, digest your food faster, and get that natural glow that no amount of makeup will ever give you. 


Start living healthier by incorporating probiotics to your daily dose of vitamins. My stomach was always bloated and I never felt like my gut was as healthy as it should be even with my clean eating and active lifestyle. One day I picked up a bottle of kombucha and I was hooked! All my body needed was a bit of help from probiotics. 


HEALTH.ADE KOMBUCHA is full of naturally occurring probiotics and healthy acids. Great for your gut health and easy to drink! It’s also Organic, Vegan, Raw, Gluten Free, Non GMO and Kosher which is absolutely a must for me! I’ve been a long time drinker of kombucha and 100% believe in it. Some of my favorite flavors are: Pink lady apple, Jalapeño kiwi cucumber, The original, Pomegranate, and Blood orange-carrot-ginger.