I wanted to take valentines day, the day of love, and talk about love language.

I don’t know if you guys are aware, but we all experience love in different ways. Some people know you love them because you give them gifts, some by just listening to them, some by washing the dishes, some by affection. Everyone is different.

My love language is putting me first no matter what, when you do this, I believe you love me. Now I know how this sounds, give me a minute… It doesn’t necessarily mean that I need to be the center of your world but just by asking me first and for my opinion or how I feel about it, I feel good and then it would lead to me saying, “whatever you want”.

Alfredo’s love language is affection, a whole lot of affection. Like hugging and all the mushy stuff. He’s so cute.

That’s why sometimes we may feel that we aren’t being loved, because they are loving us the way they know how, the way they like being loved. And vice versa. Take time today and learn your significant others love language. Does he/she like gifts? Surprises? Being heard? Being helped around the house? Take some time and talk about this with each other. Express how both of you receive love so you can have a stronger more understanding relationship.

When Alfredo and I started, even till this day, he is very mushy, I took this as him being intense. What I didn’t realize is that, that’s just his love language. I know now that, when I want to show him I love him; I hug him, play with is hair, run my hand on his back and all that mushy stuff. Now he knows that I receive love when he helps me, asks for my opinion and how I feel about decisions before acting on them.

Alfredo would constantly tell me how much he loved me and be cuddly with me but didn’t help me around the house. I’ll be like, yeah you love me a whole lot… That’s just how I receive love. Now, even when he has the intention of helping I tell him no and that I’ll do it, just the intention sometimes is enough.

Now that we understand this about each other, our relationship has gotten stronger and there is no misunderstanding between us. We are aware of our love for each other. We are aware of each other’s love language.