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I’ll be doing a lot of traveling (hopefully) this year when I finally graduate! I’ve been thinking a lot about: what to pack to certain places, essentials, how to travel with just a carry on. I feel like I’m entering a whole new world with it’s own basic knowledge I know nothing about. I started thinking, well…What you carry in your personal and carry-on depends a whole lot on wether you’re traveling domestic or internationally.

Which brings me to this post.

For domestic flights

Vitamins. Vitamins I think are always essential whether you’re flying domestic or internationally. Especially vitamin c. There so many more things we expose ourselves to when we travel, vitamin c seems crucial to help you boost your immune system.

Jewelry case. In order to avoid all your jewelry getting tangles together.

Water Bottle. Airplanes dehydrate, stay hydrated.

Hand cream. I don’t know about you but my hands get very dry when I travel. Hence, the hand cream.

Comfy socks. I always travel in sandals, unless I'm arriving at a cold place. Socks are for the plane to keep my feet cozy.

Iphone charging case. Because I rather put this on my phone than be tied down to an outlet.

Hand sanitizer. Again, germs.

Personal item. I prefer a back pack over a purse when I travel. It’s more comfortable for me.

Summer Fridays. (Jet lag Mask) This is the ultimate hydrating cream. You’ll definitely want to try this out.

Reading Material. I would love to catch up on some reading on the plane but this is not really realistic for me unless I'm flying alone or on a 12 hour flight. If I’m flying domestic with Alfredo (which is almost always the case) then we just end up talking and enjoying our flight together.

Everything else seems pretty self explanatory. Headphones kept popping up when I was researching travel essentials but I honestly hate headphones. My ears reject them EVERY TIME so I pretty much gave up on them.

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