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  1. The GrandeLASH MD that my eyelash lady suggested to buy to strengthen my eyelashes.

  2. Summer Friday’s everything because it’s amazing!

  3. SkinCeuticals because I cannot be the only one not owning one of these amazing skin products, but I want it custom made to my skin type and needs.

  4. Office rug because it’s to damn cute to pass.

  5. Collagen protein bars because whaaaat, these bars are amazing! Will be posting about these soon!

  6. Camera for vlogging since I’ve been getting a lot of requests to start a youtube channel.

  7. Melting pot for cute romantic date nights.

  8. Gucci belt because it’s a great fashion statement and makes any outfit pop.

  9. Facial roller because mine broke.

  10. Mirror because the one in my room doesn’t match my decor and I've been wanting a wooden mirror.