Nothing inspires me more than reading a motivating book. Sometimes we need a little inspiration and motivation to keep going.

You are a Badass helped me so much last year! While reading this book, I made the decision to finish school and to start my blog. Now I have my diploma and currently pursuing my passion (blogging).

God is always Hiring motivated me to give back and be more mindful. I love this book because it helped me connect with myself and the things that matter.

101 Essays that will change the way you think is an AMAZING book. Brianna West is filled with so much wisdom. I love reading everything that she writes. I highly recommend this book. You will learn so much about everything! This book for me is a total game changer.

Designing your Life helps you change your thinking and break down everything that society says is the correct way to live your life. I need a little motivation nowadays and I’m feeling a little stuck and pointless. This book is helping me with this current problem I am having. I can’t wait to finish it!

If you have any motivating self help books, please leave them in the comment below and I will check them out.