I didn’t want to title this “ My weight loss journey” or some other catchy fish bait title, but since I’ve been asked to make a blog post about my weight loss journey… I’ve decided to share in depth, a bit more about my healthy lifestyle.

There’s a couple of things I want to say before sharing what I eat and what my workout routine looks like.

First, I want to start by saying, I don’t believe in diets. “Diet” is a term made up by industries to make money of people that don’t know any better. A diet is a TEMPORARY solution. The results are NOT permanent, you’re miserable while you’re restricting yourself from the foods you love and you’re hungry most of the time.

Second, the picture you see as my before picture (overweight) isn’t how I looked like my whole life. Down below you can see the progression. And before picture 1, I have always been a big kid (1-13 years old). I was bullied for being fat and I never fitted into the clothes that were meant for my age.


Third, I gain weight extremely fast. I guess I have my genes to thank for that one.

Fourth, I don’t do dieting. Eating healthy is a lifestyle for me, I actually crave broccoli and kale salads. I prefer veggie burgers over burgers (not that I don’t ever eat one). I am conscious of the restaurants I go to, if there are no healthy options, I don’t go. But then aren’t you restricting yourself? NO, if I don’t want anything from that restaurant, how am I restricting myself? I sometimes find myself at a restaurant with family or friends and get made fun of for not eating or for the vegetables that are on my plate. This totally doesn’t bother me, and it shouldn’t bother you either. I’m making healthy decisions every day that I actually love. The same way they don’t want to eat a healthy meal, is the same way I feel about eating an unhealthy meal. Now, my favorite treat meal is burger and fries, that’s my sweet spot, and I have a huge sweet tooth. I’ve recently learned how to satisfy my sweet tooth with a piece of dark chocolate; which has amazing health benefits if it’s 70% or higher.



My Healthy Lifestyle Journey

When I was 6 -13 years old, I had high cholesterol and was overweight. I got bullied by family members and by kids at school. I always felt ugly and wished I looked like all the other “pretty” girls at school.

When I was 13, I started loosing some weight because of puberty and started going to the gym. I would run and barely eat sometimes because of how self conscious I was. Every time I ate, someone had some snarky comment to tell me or a judgmental look.

When I turned 15, I would eat standing up, felt guilty every time I ate, always wished I looked slimmer, drank fiber religiously and also laxatives, went to the gym religiously, never felt pretty, I would run on a treadmill while watching an entire movie at home. I also lived in diets and was constantly restricting myself from eating things I wanted to eat.

When I was 18 in 2013, (I remember because it was January 7th), I made a decision that changed my entire life. As I was scrolling through tumblr, (yeah I know right?) I came across recipes and pictures of flat stomachs and this whole It’s a lifestyle phrase. That same night, I made a decision that was going to change my life. During this time, I was introduced to: organic foods, switch all your white grains to brown grains, berry smoothies in the morning, drinking a lot of water during the day, green tea at night and so on. I completely changed how I ate and was working out 5 days a week in the comfort of my room. I was the slimmest I ever was in my life, I felt great, and I became confident, but I must admit; I wouldn’t allow myself indulgences, and when I did, I felt guilty for it. ( During this time I was focusing more on being slim than being healthy and happy, therefore I still don’t consider this to be a healthy attitude towards my lifestyle )

When I turned 20, I lost the rhythm I had of hitting the gym and because of this, I started gaining weight again.

Fast forward to when I met Alfredo (picture 1), I still hadn’t gotten my rhythm back. Alfredo and I got married and I was still trying to find some type of workout that would help me stay in shape. My weight was all over the place and this was because I was not working out. Sadly, I'm not one of those people that can eat healthy and not go to the gym and still look good. I need to stay active.

I was getting frustrated and since I was already starting to gain some weight, I gave up and just started eating whatever I wanted. Therefore (picture 7). I felt like I wasn’t myself and every time I looked in the mirror I didn’t recognize who I was anymore. For the first time, I had gained 27 pounds. After my 22nd birthday 2017 (picture 7), I started eating healthy again and was able to loose 3-4 pounds. We finally moved out of the efficiency on February 2018, and in March 2018 I started Orange Theory. I finally found something that worked for me! Although the first month I started Orange Theory, I actually gained weight and felt heavier because of the whole swollen muscles and water retention thing (frustrating).

I never had a healthy attitude towards my weight. I would starve myself when I was young and was drinking laxatives. My mom even threatened she was going to make me see a psychiatrist if I didn’t start eating. It took me a while to learn what it was to be happy and healthy. Today I can say, I am finally at a place where I am confident, healthy (body and mind), and focusing on nourishing my body and not starving it. It took me a while to start loving myself.

Now that you have an idea of what my journey looked like, I’ll explain to you some healthy lifestyle tips I live by that will hopefully help you make the transition to a healthier life. Remember, diets have temporary results, a lifestyle change will change you forever.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Do not binge eat. This is such an important one! When you binge eat, you store food therefore obviously making you fat. Binge eating results in weight gain and obesity. Try eating only until you are satisfied.

Warm water with lemon. I drink a glass of warm water with lemon and sometimes with cayenne pepper in the mornings to help my body get rid of any toxins that it was eliminating while I was sleeping.

Green tea. Guys, this is the holly grail for me. Switch the coffee for green tea and also a cup right before bed. Hello flatter stomach!

Switch from white to brown. This has been around for so long that I don’t even think it’s worth mentioning, but just incase. White rice, white bread, white sugar, switch all the whites to brown. Brown rice, whole grain bread, and brown sugar.

Sweeteners. If you want to sweeten something, it’s best to use maple syrup, honey, or pure leaf stevia extract, but make sure the ingredients in the stevia just say STEVIA, nothing else.

Check the Ingredient’s list. If you are eating something with a label, forget about the fats, saturated fats, calories, just look at the ingredients. If it has high fructose corn syrup, that is automatically a NO. Big amounts of any sugars is bad for you, but high fructose corn syrup is sugar on crack, do not consume. Also, if there’s an essay of ingredients, just put it down. If you are drinking orange juice, the ingredients should just say orange juice.

Have the cookie. A healthy lifestyle is not about restriction, it’s about moderation. If you are craving something, just eat it. Enjoy it. If I crave something throughout the week, I try to wait until Sunday (which is what I mostly end up doing). If I don’t want to wait, I just eat it. Sunday is my treat day. This also eliminates me eating unhealthy because of: anxiety, boredom, or stress. You’d be surprised how many cravings are related to these feelings. If I still crave it on Sunday, then I know I'm genuinely craving it and not confiding in food to make me “feel better”.

Moderation is everything! Do not binge eat, do not eat 7 cupcakes in a day. I cannot even begin to explain what sugar does to the body…

Water. I only drink water. 2 liters a day. Eliminate all the sugars that juices and sodas have. I never drink anything apart from water, fruit smoothies, green juices, and hot green tea.

Drink your greens. Green juices do wonders to your body and skin. Have one in the morning or/and in the afternoon as a refresher. Green juices are rich in antioxidants, amino acids, help with weight loss, gives your skin a healthy glow, it’s amazing!

My green juice recipe

  • Cucumber (half)

  • Lettuce (3 leaves)

  • Ginger (a chunk)

  • Coconut water

  • 1 Date

  • Spirulina Powder

  • 1 Banana (preferably frozen)

Eat fruits in the morning. You should always eat fruits on an empty stomach. Fruits are the fastest digesting foods. I love drinking a berry smoothie in the morning with vegan protein powder, keeps me full until lunch. Or a cup of coconut unsweetened yogurt with berries, honey and cinnamon.

How my day looks like

Morning: A cup of warm water with lemon, my vitamins with a piece of 85% dark chocolate and then pick one of these…

-Avocado toast. Sourdough, gluten free, sprouted bread with avocado, olive oil, red pepper flakes, sea salt and pepper.

-Berry smoothie with vegan protein powder, banana and honey.

-A cup of coconut unsweetened yogurt with berries, honey and cinnamon.

-Green smoothie.

-Bowl of overnight matcha oats topped with banana, berries and honey.

Lunch: Some of my options..

-Chick pea pasta with broccoli.

-Brown rice with chicken and avocado.

-Brown rice pasta covered in vegan pesto and olive oil with (cooked) broccolini and brussels sprouts.

-Chick pea tortilla with a slice of vegan cheese and cooked brussels sprouts.

-A kale salad with chick peas.

-Chick pea tortilla with a veggie patty and a slice of vegan cheese.

Dinner: I usually eat what I had for lunch and then drink a cup of uncaffeinated green tea before bed.

-Salmon with brown rice and broccolini. You can replace the salmon for chicken.

-Ground turkey with a salad and some brown rice.

Sweet tooth cravings:

-My vegan chocolate ice cream. (Recipe is in my health highlights)

-Bread with almond butter and banana.

-A piece of dark chocolate.

-Coconut IceCream. (Brand - SO)

Snacks: You can find more in my health highlights.

-Sweet potato chips with guacamole or hummus.

-Dark chocolate covered almonds.

Workout Routine

I go to OT Monday-Friday. It’s 30 minutes of cardio and then 30 minutes in the weight room. I used to go to yoga as well Monday-Friday but I stopped going because of my school schedule.

Wellness Talk: Learn to love yourself no matter what. Make decisions every day that will help you become a better version of yourself. Make a decision to work on yourself everyday and make healthier choices, do it for your kids, your family, your husband, but most importantly, for yourself. Your family benefits from you taking care of yourself. Become healthy in mind, body and spirit. Nourish every part of yourself and work on healing and forgiving. Take time for yourself, be selfish with your time, focus on YOU. Your state of mind, has so much to do with your health. You have frequencies that vibrate and attract. Let go of all the negativity, bitterness, drama, attitude. Try to radiate love and be kind.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you so much for reading!