I use an iPhone 8 Plus to take all of my pictures.

  1. Check your lighting. You want to take pictures during golden hour = early morning or late afternoon. If the sun is directly above you then look for a shade somewhere to take a picture. If you take a picture directly under the sun then you’ll have a weird shadow on your face.

  2. Don’t ever use flash. Flash takes away all the colors in your picture. It’s better to take a normal picture and then light it up with my favorite app, snapseed.

  3. Know your angles. Practice in front of the mirror and twirl around however much you need. Find those angles girl!

  4. Avoid touristy pictures. What I mean by this is standing in front of a monument or building and smiling. This is so touristy, do something different, take the picture from a different angle, strike another pose, don’t look at the camera.

  5. Take a live and screenshot your favorite one. When you take a live picture with your iPhone, you have more options to choose from and, what I love about it is that you can choose one that is natural looking opposed to the posed one. You can also try taking burst photos!

  6. Take 10-15 pictures. Theres been very few times when I take a picture and I loved the first one. It has happened, but very few times. You need options. Take as many as you can.

  7. Avoid people. It’s always better, depending on the picture but, the picture looks so much cleaner when it’s just you in it. Get up early and avoid the crowd.

  8. Keep the screen locked on your object or on yourself. Click on the camera screen until the AE/AF LOCK is on. This way, you will always be the focus of the picture and lighting won’t change to dark or bright while you move around. 

  9. Turn on the grid on your camera to be able to align your subject better. You or whatever you’re taking a picture of should always be in the middle square.  

    And that’s it! These are all the techniques I use. I hope you found this helpful. If you have any more tips or questions, please leave a comment below to share with anyone else and me.

P.S There was a man standing right next to the tree and I deleted him with an app. If you want to know what app, leave a comment and I’ll make a blog post about my favorite editing apps.