This topic is seriously so blah for me but I really wanted to share with you all the techniques I use that have helped me grow in the past 3 months. I love blogging and creating content, I would do it for free and I am doing it for free. But I do hope to turn my passion into steady income, and in order to do this I do have to get more viewers and followers, obviously.

It’s so frustrating to work for hours on a post only to have it be seen by a few people and did you know it may not even appear on your followers feed?

I’ve done an insane amount of research and found some tips to help me grow, which I practice daily. Growing on instagram is a lot of work and takes an insane amount of time and dedication. But if this is your passion, like me, you will enjoy the process of growing and meeting other inspiring bloggers along the way.

FIRST, I want to say, I am not part of any club were they like your posts and you like theirs, I don’t know if you are aware of what I'm talking about but I am growing authentically with the help of nothing but dedication and consistency. I also never pay any instagram account to post my picture on their page. I like growing my instagram on my own, that way I get real followers instead of trying to take the easy way out and gaining a whole bunch of bot accounts.

So here we go, use these strategies in order to get more viewers and be able to become a successful blogger and hopefully one day make it career.

How to Gain “Authentic” Followers on Instagram

  1. Be consistent. This is huge, whether it’s at what time you post, how your stories look, what font you use for your stories, are your captions funny, inspiring, real, catchy. You have to take all of this into account. Everything has to be consistent.

  2. Turn yourself into a brand. This overlaps a bit with being consistent. When someone is scrolling fast through their insta stories they will be able to tell yours apart from everyone else’s because, you always use the same font, filter, colors. Once you have all these, you have created a brand for yourself.

  3. Don’t post and ditch. When you post a picture on your feed, don’t leave instagram, make sure you have some time to go through the hashtags you used for that same picture and interact with other bloggers; like and comment on other bloggers pictures. It helps when you post a story or 2 before posting, this way people are already aware of you.

  4. Post at least 4 stories a day. And one picture a day, don’t ever ghost out. Instagram, sadly, stops focusing on people who are inactive.

  5. Use everything that Instagram has to offer. Instagram “likes it” when you: use story highlights, stories, do polls, IGTV, post videos on your feed, are active with likes and commenting, use stickers, promote your pictures and basically everything. The more you use , the more the algorithm will favor you and push your picture out there when you post it.

  6. Use all 30 hashtags. Hashtags is the way people, use all of them and have it relate to what the picture is about. Don’t #foodie when its a picture of you walking on the street showing of your new Chanel purse. The more hashtags you use the more you are helping your picture to be seen.

  7. Have a niche. It’s proven that people tend to follow others that have a niche, like an all skincare page, or fitness page or foodie page. In my situation, I am a lifestyle blogger so I post about everything, therefore what should stand out about my page is ME, my personality, and sharing real content and brands I actually love. I can bring to my followers real reviews. It also helps when you take eye capturing pictures.

  8. Have an aesthetically pleasing feed. This is a bit obvious but your pictures have to be somewhat good. You don’t need a professional camera to take good pictures, but it helps when you know lighting, have editing skills and get creative with your pictures. (I have an IGTV and blog post on how to take good instagram pictures if you’re interested). You also don’t need professional top notch pictures, just know your audience and what they respond to.

  9. Interact with other bloggers. If someones DMS you, answer back. If someone asks you a question through comments, answer back. I can only assume you want to be a blogger because you love helping others and sharing advice. Therefore, be friendly and respond as much as you can to others.

  10. Do not edit your picture after you’ve already posted it. When you do this, instagram stops that picture from reaching as many people as it would’ve. Therefore, I always triple check if everything is correct and tagged. I look at the picture for a very long time before posting it.

  11. Do not delete a picture you’ve posted. Of course if you hate it take it down, but try to avoid this at all cost.

  12. Do not hashtag in the comments. Place all your hashtags in your caption. Once you put your picture out there, it won’t gain momentum by going back and placing your hashtags on the comments. Give it all the momentum it needs and place your hashtags in your caption.

  13. Take advantage of stories. Instagram stories are great for showing your personality and interacting with your followers on a more personal level. Therefore, make more of them. Also, make them as cute as you can, do something different, use a theme, a filter, some stickers. UNFOLD is a great app for your insta stories.

  14. Comment on other pictures. Instagram likes it when we interact, and isn’t that the whole point of social media? If you like a picture, comment on it, let the blogger know her picture is bomb. I actually read somewhere that you need to spend 1 hour on instagram engaging and liking posts. Therefore at night when i’m done with my day, I take one hour to catch up on commenting back and engaging with other bloggers. This is the one thing that I noticed impacted my growth immediately.

  15. Add location. There was a research conducted that concluded; posts with location do a lot better than posts with none. People like knowing where you are and where your eating, especially if it’s insta worthy. It adds a bit more of value to your pictures. Oppose to someone not putting their location and just frustrating the viewer.

  16. Use hashtags in your stories. When I'm wearing something from a brand or I'm at a location, I use their hashtag on my story. When you do this, your picture will appear on their hashtag page, exposing your story to everyone that looks at that hashtag. You can use 10 hashtags in a story. You can also cover them up with a sticker so they don’t show if you don’t like the way it looks.

  17. Bonus. The amount of time a person spends looking at your picture indicates wether you will come up on their feed more often or less. Use swipe pictures, post a video on your feed and get creative in order to prolong the amount of time that is spend looking at your post.

  18. Stay trustworthy. I get approached by many brands that want to collaborate but I don’t agree to it if it’s not something I would use or that I like. Your followers want to trust you and know that what you put out there actually works and is worth giving it a try. Stay true to yourself.

  19. Be yourself. Show people what makes you different. Show your personality through stories. You’re unique and there’s many bloggers out there but there’s only one YOU.

  20. Use hashtags that are in the thousands. If you use hashtags that have millions of posts, it’s really hard to get noticed, your picture will probably just drown under all the other pictures being posted every minute. But if you use hashtags with less posts, it’s more possible for your picture to come up therefore people will end up seeing your picture.

  21. Bio. Your bio is the best way to let people know what your Instagram is about. Work on it. Use hashtags as well.

I hope you guys learned something new and that these techniques help you take your instagram to the next level. I welcome any comments or other advice you have. Thank you again for reading!