I said BYE to my toxic menstrual products.

Why Kali? Because they don’t want toxic chemicals like dioxin, chlorine bleach, synthetic fibers, dyes, or fragrance into the most sensitive spot in our bodies.

What are dioxins? Dioxins are a byproduct of the highly toxic bleaching process. It has been found to cause cancer, reproductive problems, and even damaging the immune system.

What is glyphosate? Oh…it’s an active ingredient in weed killer. Why are they putting that into tampons?



I’ve been hearing for a while now how feminine products don’t need to tell you what ingredients they use, especially tampons! I cannot even begin to entertain the thought of what I’ve been putting into my body all these years.

When I found Kali, I honestly thought, “what a cute box'“! I love having daily lifestyle items that look different from everyone else’s. It makes life more fun!


I also love the idea of getting these delivered to my doorstep every month. At this rate, I won’t have to step into another drugstore again.