I remember what it was like going to the gym, eating somewhat healthy and thinking I was doing everything right in order to loose weight. It was so frustrating not seeing any results and not knowing what else to do.

Now that I have lost all the weight I wanted to, I look back and see the reasons why I wasn’t loosing weight. Therefore, I made a list of things you might be doing wrong, like I was. Maybe this list will help you to get more motivated or help you tweak some things you are currently doing.

  1. You aren’t drinking enough water. You MUST drink enough water throughout the day. It’s the best way to flush everything out, keep skin clean and your body hydrated.

  2. You aren’t getting enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep is linked to weight gain.

  3. You aren’t pushing yourself at the gym. You may think you are pushing yourself at the gym but maybe you stop as soon as you start getting tired or when something starts to burn. You have to push through this and keep going to really get in that fat burning zone. Your heart beat needs to be high. Don’t give up as soon as it does.

  4. You really haven’t changed your diet. You may say, “But I’m eating healthier”, are you really? If you don’t have time to cook or eat something healthy, do you result to the easiest fastest thing? Do you have a lot of cheat meals? Do you add one bad item to your healthy plate? You need to do it 100% all the way if you really want to see changes.

  5. You might have cut out the wrong foods. Some people are good eating carbs, some people are good eating meat. Get to know your body and understand what makes YOU gain weight, and cut that off.

  6. You aren’t eating the right foods. You think you are eating healthier. Maybe a plate of brown rice with chicken. That doesn’t work for everyone. Incorporate veggies. Only eat fruits in the morning.

  7. You’re overeating. Some people think that because they are eating healthier now, they can over eat on healthy foods. No. You still have to eat normal portions or maybe just until you are SATISFIED, not full.

  8. You’re binge eating. Don’t ever eat to the point of not being able to breathe and having to unzip your pants. You’re going to store fat this way.

  9. You’re impatient. You aren’t giving yourself enough time to actually loose the weight. You want to see fast results and when you don’t, you give up. KEEP GOING. It only gets better. Just to put it out there, it’s normal to gain some weight when starting the gym. I gained 4 extra pounds when I started the gym and it’s because my muscles were swollen. I felt horrible but I pushed through. That swollen feeling lasted about 2 weeks.

  10. You’re snacking too much. Try not to snack every single time you are hungry, that’s it.

  11. You’re sitting on the couch too much. You may work out but if you are sitting for the rest of the day. This isn’t helping. Try standing, taking the stairs, parking far away. Just stay as active as you can.

  12. You’re drinking too much alcohol. There is so much sugar in wine and so many calories and carbs in every other drink. Try sticking to water. At least until you reach your goal weight.

  13. You drink too many juices and sodas. This is pure sugar.. Stick to water. I only drink water, tea, and smoothies in the morning.

  14. You are stressed. Stress played such a huge part in my weight-loss struggle. I was stressed about money, about my weight, about everything. Once I started meditating and handling my stress and living a more peaceful life, I saw how the pounds started to shed. If you are very stressed, take that into account. It might be your stress that isn’t letting you loose weight. That’s why some people result to acupuncture, which helps you loose weight because the whole science behind it is that it helps you “distress”.

Of course, all these tips are for someone that’s starting out. If you reach your goal, you don’t have to be as strict but changing your lifestyle will help you keep the weight off. When you reach your goal weight, don’t start drinking everything you want and having more cheat meals, you will gain the weight back. It’s all about balance. When you’re happy with your progress, you'll be able to find a balance that works fro you. But I always say to be strict at first.

I hope this helped shed some light into why you may be asking yourself, why you aren’t loosing weight. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

Thankyou for reading!